We have developed and optimised this innovative fastening system for you. You can use it to establish a form-fitting bond between cold-forged fastener elements and sheet metal or plastic components of any geometry or thickness – even where welding is impossible or undesirable.

The fastener elements, which are always customised specifically for your application, can have internal or external threads and can be made of steel or aluminium. That makes this high-strength fastening system an extremely attractive, cost-effective alternative to conventional welded connections.

twin-FAST® – Our alternative to welding


  • Simultaneous insertion of multiple twin-FAST® components in a single operation
  • Acceptance of very high axial loads, bending moments, and torques
  • No setting with screwed assembly
  • Different material combinations possible
  • Materials selected according to your specific requirements
  • No heat-affected zones
  • No welding splatter
  • Suitable for pressure-sensitive materials
  • Multi-layer connections possible
  • Different material and plate thicknesses can be fastened togetherSuitable for carbon fibre and glass fibre materials / CFRP

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The sheet metal component is placed in a fixture, and then the components are automatically fed into the system and positioned in the sliding-scraper mould.



A punch plunger presses the twin-FAST® component into the sliding-scraper mould, the double flange is flattened out.



The twin-FAST® double flange is fully formed, the process is complete. The finished assembly is automatically ejected from the sliding-scraper mould.