Your needs are what motivate us

In 1909, Ernst E. Fastenrath founded what has become today’s FASTENRATH Befestigungstechnik GmbH. Having started out as a manufacturer of steel nuts, we now make complex, cold-formed metal parts in an extremely wide range of designs and materials. With over 100 years of experience and the expertise of our employees, we offer our customers a broad foundation for the solution to their needs.

More than 850 customers worldwide, including partners in India and China, have been appreciating our quality, reliability and flexibility for many decades now. In our view, continuous change and the ever new challenges that our customers face represent an opportunity. They are our motivation to improve products and processes, and to enhance the qualifications of our employees further every day.



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Innovation and tradition

Today, FASTENRATH Befestigungstechnik GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine screw nuts and cold-forged parts. It employs a total workforce of 200 people at two locations. The figures speak for themselves: 6 million parts produced each day for more than 850 customers worldwide. The company did not achieve its present size overnight: it grew over the course of decades. Today’s success is based on mature experience, continuous innovation and reliable quality.

1909 – With the establishment of FASTENRATH, Ernst E. Fastenrath (14 July 1886) founds a new company and a long tradition. The trained metalworker first organises the production of square nuts and then expands production to hexagon nuts after a few years. The founder’s innovative spirit and business acumen is already apparent.

1924 – A new process for turned nuts leads to a boom in sales from 1931 to 1934. It provides the impulse for the purchase of the five-storey production building on Herscheider Street in Plettenberg.

1934 – FASTENRATH celebrates its 25th anniversary. The pickling, rolling, and wire drawing facilities move to a subsidiary plant together with the wire rope warehouse. The 50 employees can reach it from the main plant by rail.

1941 – World War II affects the company. As protection against bombs along the Plettenberg-Herscheid rail line, the subsidiary plant in Westerburg is built and the production facilities are relocated.

1949 – FASTENRATH develops the first of its own machines for the production of cold-forged nuts. This marks the birth of ERFA nuts.

1955 to 1957 – The company flourishes and builds a new hall in Plettenberg. An additional 3,500 m² of production area in Westerburg and the addition of the office building in Plettenberg testify to the company’s success.

1959 – The success story continues. FASTENRATH now has 400 employees and an annual turnover of over 7 million German marks.

1975 – The range of products and services expands. FASTENRATH now also offers the development, manufacture and marketing of cold-forged parts.

1997 – Quality management is placed centre stage. Certification according to DIN ISO 9001 and the DIN ISO 14001 environmental system are the best proof of this.

1999 – Construction of the new high-bay warehouse in Plettenberg with around 3500 storage bays. The loading of lorries in Herscheider Street is a thing of the past, now “just-in-time” deliveries are possible.

2002 – Werkzeugbau Westerburg is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. That includes, among other things, a sinker EDM machine, a wire cutting machine, and a CNC hard turning unit.



2003 – In Plettenberg, a fully automated packaging line increases the daily production capacity and improves working conditions. Westerburg obtains the first six-step cold-forming press.

2007 – Modernisation of the subsidiary plant in Westerburg continues. Another storey is added to the office building and a 2000 m² production hall is built.

2008 – A new cold-forming press with 650 tonnes of compressive force is installed in the new production hall in Westerberg.

2009 – On its 100th anniversary, FASTENRATH employs 185 people, ships 12,000 tonnes of product per year, and has an annual turnover of 45 million euros.

2011 – The production and storage areas in Westerburg are expanded by 2,000 m.

2012 – Another 700-tonne press goes into operation in Westerburg.

2014 – The main administration building in Plettenberg is completely renovated.

2015 – FASTENRATH acquires additional industrial land for future expansion options in Plettenberg. The course is set for continuous growth. Innovations will continue to shape the future.

Today – FASTENRATH Befestigungstechnik GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine screw nuts and cold-forged parts. The figures speak for themselves: every day 200 employees at two locations produce six million parts for more than 850 customers worldwide.




We will impress you

Our position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of nuts  and cold-forged parts is due in no small measure to the fact that our production facilities are always state of the art.

With over 5000 different products made of different materials, also including aluminium, the reliability of each individual production process is absolutely critical. We manufacture:


  • Weid nuts
  • Flange nuts
  • Insert nuts
  • Locking nuts
  • Hexagon nuts
  • Square nuts
  • Special nuts
  • Hollow cold-forged parts with flanges
  • Hollow cold-forged parts
  • Solid cold-forged parts with flanges
  • Solid cold-forged parts
  • Assembilies
  • twin-FAST®

That’s why the efficient and secure control of production is one of our top priorities.

We see ourselves as more than just a supplier, we are  a development engineering partner to the industry — and that since 1909.




Our speed for you

Our modern logistics system is the basis of our extremely reliable delivery.

If necessary, we can deliver just-in-time and also work together with you to establish suitable interfaces to automate order placement processes.

That significantly reduces your administrative workload – which ultimately minimises your total system costs for fastener technology.

In addition, we ensure continuous transparency relative to the delivery status and availability of the products you need.


Logistik - Fastenrath


Environmental protection

A clear commitment

As a company we have a special responsibility for the maintenance of the environment and also the protection of people.

That’s why environmental protection is an integral part of our company policy.

Blazing the trail for the entire industry, FASTENRATH achieved certification according to the DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental guidelines already in 1997.

Today, we continue to invest sustainably in new, eco-friendly technologies and processes.

We are happy to send you our current environmental policy on request. Please contact Dr. Jörg Peddinghaus (




Our customers are our partners

Understanding the demands and wishes of our customers and working together with them to develop individual and secure fastening techniques for vehicles, tools and engines – that’s our passion.

Our expert teams will also find the right solution for you – or develop a new product precisely designed to meet your requirements. At our production locations in Plettenberg and Westerburg, you can expect direct decision-making channels and efficient solutions along with reliability and on-time delivery.

Through long-term, collaborative partnership, we ensure steady market success. “Become our partner too.”





Create the future with us

Our employees work in a highly innovative company that has successfully transformed itself again and again over the years and consistently focuses on ever changing market demands. Multi-faceted job functions are the result of continuous development. Moreover, FASTENRATH recognises the vital importance of a safe work environment, fire protection, and state-of-the-art expertise – and that’s why it willingly invests in training courses for its employees. You can expect a pleasant work climate, commensurate remuneration, and motivated colleagues. Move forward – start a career at FASTENRATH.

Job opportunities

FASTENRATH looks back on a long tradition and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of nuts and cold-forged parts. Its headquarters are situated in the town of Plettenberg, a significant economic centre in the Märkischer district of Germany’s Sauerland region. The local economy is primarily based on metalworking operations and automotive suppliers as well as crafts, services, trade, banking and insurance. Everyday conveniences such as shops, doctors, schools and childcare are readily available there, and rents and real estate prices are low.  With its picturesque natural landscapes, rivers, reservoirs and forests, the surrounding area is ideal for sports and exercise, and offers plenty of recreational opportunities in a very stable, family-friendly setting. To make sure that our new employees feel right at home, we support them while they become acclimated to the company. We’re also glad to help them look for a place to live and to organise their relocation.

Come join our team. We would like to fill the following positions with qualified employees:


Bachelors and Masters theses

FASTENRATH assists you throughout the preparation of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, from the process of narrowing the topic right through to the compilation of results. We will be glad to verify whether your proposed topic is suitable for preparing your thesis with us.
Send us your application file with an informative covering letter, tabular CV, relevant (work) testimonials, and of course your proposed topics – and seize the opportunity for an exciting collaboration.

Career Contact

Are you interested to know more about our company? We look forward to hearing from you. For further information about career opportunities, apprenticeships, and the graduate thesis support, please contact Mr Mark Schuliers.

Mark Schuliers
Human Ressources
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